Entertainment Group

A flourishing entity for networking and entertainment for Milwaukee, the Running Rebels Entertainment Group has rubbed shoulders with numerous music industry artists, celebrities and businesspersons alike. These encounters have allowed us to create a combination of services that will ultimately produce success for an individual or group of people. Where else can you find most of what you’ll need for any given entertainment project?

From multimedia needs to artist development, promotions, event planning, performances and disc jockeying amongst others, you’ll find it with this entertainment group. No longer is there a need to venture to several companies, it can all be located in a professional, dedicated and experienced assembly of people as the Running Rebels Entertainment Group at affordable rates.

List of Services

Packaging and the appearance of a product have as much meaning (if not more) as the product itself. The Running Rebels Entertainment Group will assist in the presentation of your project to give a professional and appealing look & sound to it. With the use of our multimedia center your service will be done by an experienced team and to your customized liking.

Newly added services – Transfer your favorite VHS to DVD!

Vocals, music, performances and business transactions have hindered so many talented individuals from progressing from just a local act to national. These areas always have room for improvement. The Running Rebels Entertainment Group will attempt to build on those budding talents and increase the quality through constructive means. The critiquing, guidance and help offered should place a customer in a better position to move forward in their respective entertainment areas.

The Running Rebels Entertainment Group has done countless hours of work with promotions, marketing and (most of all) relationships in the community. This ranges from the small businesses to major corporations, from the neighborhood retail stores to the consumers that buy your product. Your business will be given the same type of attention as demonstrated with all of our previous projects. However, our experience, networking and street teams will be more beneficial to you as a customer, assuring the distribution of the goods contracted through fliers, posters, emails, internet global media and a simple word of mouth.

Many talented individuals have desired to both be seen and heard by those close to them, as well as a new fan base. Let us satisfy that hunger- we will find and secure different venues where you, as an artist or group, can display those talents. The Running Rebels Entertainment Group is in a position to provide the perfect opportunity to have your message and/or talents shared with others. Stardom begins with the connections.

Much like the talent showcases and coordinated performances, this planning will take your existing event and magnify its overall success. This will be done largely in part by contributing the same steps and hard work used in all of our events and placing them directly at your front door.

A catered music service for weddings, family reunions, graduations, parties and some special events can be provided at an affordable rate through the Running Rebels Entertainment Group. Any type of music you want, we have. Please allow us to put the proper touches to your music needs by experienced, well-equipped musical professionals.

Have a catchy quote or artistic creation you want to see on T-Shirts? What better way to broadcast or advertise than to have it displayed fashionably on a shirt? If you have ideas that you want laid out on a shirt, bring them to us. We’ll craft it and plaster it across a shirt…your creation. For more information on t-shirts and merchandise contact Cozette at (414)264-8222 or email  cozette.mclemore@runningrebels.org

Running Rebels Drama Team

Get ready because we are coming with a whole lot of DRAMA!!!

Take a look at just a few of our team members already on the road to stardom. From screen writing, television commercials, theatre acting and so much more. We getting ready for the next level. To find out more about our drama team contact (414)264-8222.

Tre Maxwell-King – actor, writer & director

“The Struggle” – full movie coming soon

Victor Barnett, Jr. – actor, rapper & television

Victor Barnett, Jr.

Victor Barnett, Jr – “The Never Ending Bully Project”

Maya O’Day-Biddle – actress, dancer & singer

Permeating with confidence and personality, Maya is a charismatic, spunky second grader at Hales Corners Elementary School. Since she could walk, she has volunteered with the Running Rebels Community Organization in Milwaukee, advocating for underserved youth while also participating in projects that focus on non-violence and community enrichment. Maya enjoys playing, spending time with family and friends, dancing, singing, modeling, and acting. But truthfully, this is her first big gig! She hopes to be involved with theater for many years to come. Maya is currently performing with Whitnall Theatre Group as Ti-Moune in the stage play “Once on this island”.

She has also appeared in the musical stage play “The Color Purple” at the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre.

Maya O
Maya O