Intensive Monitoring Program

The Intensive Monitoring Program is an intensive supervision program that targets youth found to be in possession of a firearm or determined to be a serious chronic offender. This program evolved from the combination of Firearm Supervision Program (FA) and the Serious Chronic Offender Program (SCOP) that occurred in 2009.

The Intensive Monitoring Program frequently serves as an alternative to a correctional placement. Services are expected to provide a responsible and safe alternative to a correctional placement and to:

  • Hold youth accountable to the courts and other stakeholders
  • Minimize a youth’s risk for re-offense

The Intensive Monitoring Program reflects a belief that even the most troubled youth have compensating strengths and capabilities that can be developed and enhanced through supervision, structure, and meaningful support. A major program objective is to help youth and their families develop their ability to function without routine contact with law enforcement and to live a positive life within their homes and community.

The Intensive Monitoring Program is a collaboration that includes the courts, probation staff, and other community-based organizations. It is essential that all components work together to ensure that youth comply with the program. Services are targeted complements to regular probation services. Communication between all parties is essential to ensure the program’s effectiveness. Youth referred to the program have been adjudicated and are serving a probationary period under the supervision of a probation officer. In addition, aftercare youth who are or have been under Division of Juvenile Corrections supervision may be referred to the program at the discretion of the Department.