Job Prep Program

This 10-week program was created to give individuals all of the necessary resources to obtain employment. The program does not guarantee a job, but gives individuals all the materials to make them more employable.

The program also gives the individuals all information needed on obtaining missing documentation (Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, State ID, etc.) needed for employment.

Starting on day one, this program teaches them responsibility and how to be professional. In order for individuals to receive job placement help from Running Rebels, youth and young adults need to show they are willing to work hard and complete all tasks in a timely and professional manner.

Individuals are trained in attitude, punctuality, dress, enthusiasm, dependability, interviewing and resume writing. Participants attend and engage in discussions concerning Life Skills (i.e., personal hygiene, the decision-making process, vocational awareness & interest, and effective interactions) and social & relationship skills (concerning communication, problem solving, anger management, conflict resolution, and sexuality).

After the individuals complete the in-class conversations and turn in all proper documentation, Running Rebels will work to give them the proper hands-on training or job shadowing, where applicable. Running Rebels will also give the individuals on how to continue training after graduation from the program.