Mentoring Program

One of the founding principles for our agency, the mentoring program, is deeply rooted with tradition and experience.

Mentoring is a one-to-one service provided by mature adults to youth and adolescents needing support, role modeling, guidance, and nurturing. The mentor functions both as a positive role model and an advocate for youth in his/her family system and community.

In most cases, youth are matched with a mentor of the same gender and ethnic group. Mentors are rich with life experience and are trained in working with diverse populations of youth and adolescents. They receive extensive training in topics such as: appropriate activities, boundaries, communication, family dynamics, healthy relationships, and morals/ethics.

Mentors are expected to establish good communication with parents or other caregivers, and converse with them on each visit. A mentor could be involved, with their mentee, in a variety of activities. Some examples include: recreational and other pro-social activities, life skills development, social skills, peer/interpersonal relationship building, personal care/hygiene/exercise, increasing awareness of community resources, etc. Mentoring creates a meaningful relationship, while providing a trusted adult to assist with the transition to adulthood.

For more information about our mentoring program or how to become a mentor, please contact Donta Holmes (414)264-8222 or email