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Join the team at Running Rebels – Open Positions

40 Hours per Week, Exempt

  • Manage assigned cases according to their individualized service  plan
  • Collaborate with HSW, Individual/Family Therapist, AODA Therapist and other providers to reach desired outcomes for each youth assigned
  • Work with each youth to reach personalized goals for each relevant domain(home, community, school)
  • Implement and maintain a 24/7 Monitoring Program schedule
  • Maintain a reasonable working knowledge of the location and activities of all assigned youth at ALL times(24/7)
  • Identify and support appropriate goals developed with the Service Team (HSW, Therapists, Parent/Guardian, & other Providers)
  • Establish a rapport with each youth assigned for the specific purpose of monitoring their location, activities, and community based interactions as they progress through the IMP program
  • Work with the family of each assigned youth to understand the requirements of the program and support the youth to be successful in the Program
  • Develop a working understanding of JCIP in its application
  • Effectively document all contacts and activities on a daily basis for ALL youth assigned
  • Support the writing of court reports, and attend scheduled court appearances for assigned youth by providing details related to the monitoring of the youth
  • Provide/support 24/7 Mentoring and Crisis Stabilization services for each youth assigned
  • Develop the skills to effectively advocate for assigned youth in all domains through in-service, internal, and external training opportunities
  • Work to develop the skills to facilitate supplemental groups to support the development of JCIP Skills, Character Development, and Life Skills
  • Work with ATAC to ensure that youth have services beyond their probation and to connect appropriate siblings to services and activities; connecting youth long-term to the agency
  • Coordinate and facilitate developmental recreational activities that support the overall goals of the youth, and personal development in a one on one and small group (3 or less) setting
  • Support Director’s ongoing development of the IM program to optimize the success of all youth served
  • Support the development of the Cluster and its function as a Unit for the purpose providing the highest quality services to all youth and families assigned
  • Support Agency wide goals and objectives
  • Any duties assigned by Cluster Supervisor and/or TMP Director

40 Hours per Week, Exempt

  • Will meet with parent(s) prior to youth coming home to access household needs and family support available to youth.
  • Will connect parent(s) to community resources, actively participate as a member of youth’s team, and communicate with IMP-Aftercare Advocate and Supervisor to relay pertinent information.
  • Will work to develop a resource binder and actively update as needed
  • Will assist with facilitating any family interventions as needed.
  • Will communication to the Workforce Specialist any needs parent may have relating to job interests and or employment needs.
  • Will assist with transportation for youth and or parent(s) as needed.
  • Will attend weekly DCSD Aftercare meetings as scheduled.
  • Will effectively document contacts with youth and families in the appropriate database
  • Will continue to development skills to effectively advocate for assigned youth and families in all domains through in service, internal and external training opportunities
  • Support Supervisor’s ongoing development of the IMP-Aftercare program to optimize the success of all youth and families served
  • Support the development of the IMP-Aftercare team and its function as a unit for the purpose of providing the highest quality services to all youth and families assigned
  • Any other duties as assigned by Executive Team, TMP Director, Aftercare Cluster Supervisor
  • Support agency wide goals and objectives

Job Description:

This position is responsible for providing transportation to program youth; using mentoring and positive engagement techniques to keep youth connected and engaged; increasing their likelihood of prolonged program participation.

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Position Type: Part-time

Compensation: DOE

Type of Employment: Direct Hire


  • Communicate with program staff to receive pick-up and drop-off schedules
  • Provide transportation to program youth in a safe and engaging manner
  • Complete necessary logs and driving reports
  • Assist with general deliveries
  • Ensure that agency vehicles are clean and in good condition
  • Communicate any issues or concerns as it pertains to a youth’s behavior or special needs
  • Any other duties assigned by immediate supervisor


Previous experience working with at-risk youth/young adults; effective communication skills. Valid automobile insurance, driver’s license and an acceptable driving record are a must, along with a fun, upbeat and energetic attitude. Individuals must be able to interact at a comfortable, confident and effective level with at-risk youth and their families.

Benefits and other compensation:

Benefits are provided for FULL-TIME employees only

Other information:

*FULL-TIME employment may be possible

Definition/Objective of Mentoring Services:

The mentoring service is provided on a one-to-one basis to youth referred through the various entities Mentors/providers assist in the transition process as clients relocate from a secure facility to the community, group home, independent living or less restrictive setting. Mentors/Providers, when available, will provide services in a prompt manner. Mentors provide support, guidance and positive role-modeling. In addition, mentors are trained to connect clients to community resources. Mentors act as advocates for clients who are in need of guidance and provide opportunities for social and individual growth. Mentors engage clients in trusting relationships which fosters the development of strengths, interests, goals and needs. Mentors act as a conduit between the clients, their families and the community to build strong, healthy relationships and promote progress. Mentors also act as mandatory reporters in compliance with state and federal regulations and are fluent with the laws regarding Chapter 51 commitments, abuse and neglect.

Mentor Demographics and Criteria:

Running Rebels Community Organization has a large, knowledgeable, diverse staff of providers who come from many different disciplines and backgrounds. All of our providers are a minimum of 21 years of age, have experience working with at-risk youth, and a general understanding of our agency’s and contractors’ goals in servicing clients and their families. Providers must have a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, own vehicle to be able to transport clients and must pass a stringent back-ground check. Once a provider is accepted and approved for services, they undergo training, which includes reporting monthly for on-going training and in-services. RRCO has an internal training process which closely monitors the providers. We evaluate the employee’s skills, documentation, reliability and character.


Working Hours:

The working hours for providers vary and are determined by case managers, providers and supervisors. Our providers understand that they are on-call to respond to crisis situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mentors are available evenings, weekends and on short notice. They are required to have a mobile phone and will provide the number to the client, supports, case managers and probation officers. Mentors will make themselves available to attend transitional meetings as scheduled by the families, case managers and probation officers. Mentors agree to meet with the clients while they are in confinement to build a relationship before he/she is released.


Mentor/Provider Role Description:

A mentor is a positive role-model and advocate for the client and his/her family or support system. Providers are matched with clients based on the needs and interests of the person with whom the service is being provided. In addition to providing mentoring services, a provider may assist clients in a variety of areas including, but not limited to, positive recreation, social skills, peer and family relationship building, goal setting, daily living skills, independent living skills, job research and retention, education and compliance of probation/parole.

Any additional information may be requested by contacting Donta Holmes @ (414) 264-8222.

Employment Interest Form

Running Rebels Community Organization is currently looking for qualified individuals for the following positions. Ideal candidates must have a valid WI driver’s license and automobile insurance. Candidates comfortable with Microsoft Office, who possess strong written and verbal communication skills are preferred. You must be able to pass a criminal background check, and have the desire to work with at-risk youth. Running Rebels Community Organization is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. To apply for any of these jobs, complete the Employee Interest Form below. Contact for any questions


Volunteer Interest Form

Interested in volunteering at Running Rebels Community Organization? We are always in need of tutors as well as office, athletics and event support! Our main areas of need for tutoring are high-school level Math, English, Science, Robotics, and Spanish between 3:30 – 7:00 Monday – Thursday at both our Central and East Locations. Our greatest need for event support is typically on weekends. Contact for any questions.

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