Running Rebels, a youth organization in Milwaukee, is hosting events to give kids new ways to stay fit during the pandemic. The organization holds classes teaching kids how to play new sports and learn new activities to keep them in motion. The classes, part of a grant from Kohl’s Healthy Families and the American Cancer Society, have been ongoing since May.

Dawn Barnett, co-executive director of Running Rebels, said the programs were meant to address health issues that have been made worse by the pandemic. With kids stuck at home more often, they might be more prone to inactivity and bad eating habits, such as eating more junk food.

“It’s just the accumulation of all these unhealthy habits snowballing into our lives,” Barnett said. Barnett said the organization is also focusing on nutrition, hosting smoothie bars and classes for healthier cooking.

Click here to read the full On Milwaukee article by Matt Martinez of Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service.

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