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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee teenagers from Running Rebels and UniteMKE on Tuesday, May 21 unveiled a powerful PSA that’s part of a campaign to end carjacking.

The PSA, called “Shawn jumps into a stollie (a stolen vehicle)” shows the events that led up to a young man’s decision to join a friend in stealing a vehicle — that’s later involved in a fatal crash. The PSA shows heartbroken family members arriving at the scene of the tragedy — with one saying, “This can’t be real.”

Before the release of the PSA, the group of teenagers involved in the campaign gathered for a roadside memorial around a totaled vehicle in honor of those who have been killed or hurt as a result of carjackings. The young people reflected on and wrote out the personal consequences of carjacking on large Post-It notes and stuck them to the vehicle.

According to the website for this campaign, called: “Jack a car and jack up your life,” the age of those involved in carjackings has dropped from 30s or older in the early 2000s to 20s or younger currently.

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