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Impact100 Greater Milwaukee is a group of women who are using collective philanthropy to make a difference here in the city. The women are pooling their money together to give grants to people and organizations in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Their method is based on one woman-one vote—meaning that each member of this organization gets the chance to look through grant proposals and vote for who receives those grants. In June of 2016, Impact100 awarded its first grants, of $100,000 each, to Literacy Services of Wisconsin and Neu-Life Community Development.

Impact100’s Milwaukee chapter currently has 334 members; each has donated $1,100, with $1,000 put towards grants and the other $100 used to support operational expenses. Impact100 will be awarding $334,000 to five nonprofits (three $100,000 Impact Grants and two $17,000 Merit Grants) at their annual awards celebration on June 6. The five categories of nonprofits eligible for grants are: Arts and Culture, Education, Environment and Revitalization, Family, and Health and Wellness.

Impact100’s co-presidents, Jamy Malatesta and Anne Trunzo, said they discovered the Impact100 idea through a friend and created one in Milwaukee. Impact100 Council is a globally known organization with branches throughout the U.S. and Australia. Their mission (according to their website) is “to encourage collaboration and sharing of best practices.” “It’s a way to get involved in our community, and it offers a unique experience to the donors,” says Trunzo.

Certain requirements need to be met by applicants. According to Malatesta, they target small-to-medium nonprofits that have revenues between $300,000 and $5 million and must operate in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington or Waukesha County—or be a recognized local chapter of a state or national charity serving communities in this region. For example, the Running Rebels Community Organization was awarded $100,000 by Impact100 last year to purchase new bleachers and to expand their programming with later hours and more activities for the communities they serve.

“They had a really good idea, Malatesta said of Running Rebels. “As an organization, we’re looking for transformative projects that change the community. This is a grassroots organization of women that is trying to commit their dollars to the community focused on direct giving.”

To learn more about Impact100 Greater Milwaukee, visit their website at, e-mail them at or write to them at P.O. Box 1061 Brookfield WI 53008.

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