June 25, 2010 by Radio Milwaukee — I stopped by Running Rebels during the first week of our campaign because of the way they use athletics to connect with youth — however, when I arrived at their building, there was a whole lot more going on than just athletics. They have a general recreation area that’s open to youth all throughout the summer where kids can read, play pool, get a snack, or just hang out.

Additionally, they have a music recording studio that’s available to the youth, and I met a young man who has taken advantage of this opportunity. Davian was just passing a regular afternoon at Running Rebels, not knowing he was going to be interviewed, but he was certainly up for it;

Now, I’m not sure I was able to properly communicate it in the audio piece, but the little bit of singing he did for me at the end was amazing if only due to the circumstances. We were sitting at a table with kids walking all around, and with no hesitation, he broke into song. Very impressive.

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