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MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — A community organization is trying to stop teens from committing carjackings.

Teens with Running Rebels started filming a public service announcement near 13th and Fond du Lac Avenue. They plan on releasing the PSA later this year on social media.

People taking part in the project say it’s about sending a message for teens to think about future consequences for their actions.

“You might see an opportunity to create the crime, but you don’t spend as much time to really think about, ‘okay, let me fast forward here, let me think about all of the things that are going to happen as a result of me doing this,'” said Dawn Barnett with Running Rebels.

According to Milwaukee Police, the age of carjackers has been decreasing from a median age of 40 in 2003, to a median age of 18 in 2016.

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