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RRCO provides programming to youth ages 12-19

“The Rebels have shown me how to take the right path in life.” – Jason, Recreation Participant


Running Rebels After School & Summer

“The Running Rebels have been helping me love myself.” (Recreation youth, age 16)

Homework Help
When: Monday-Thursday 3:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Where: Both locations
What: Homework help provided by community volunteers. All young people in Rebel programs are required to participate in 30 mins of academics before programming.

Be The Change
When: Mondays
Where: Running Rebels East
What: African American male leadership program. Connect with male mentors and peers while participating in group discussions and field trips.

Lady Rebels
When: Mondays 5:00 – 6:30 PM
Where: Running Rebels Central
What: A leadership program for young ladies. Connect with positive female role-models while goal setting and learning life skills.

Audio/Visual Entertainment
When: Mondays 5:00 – 6:30 PM
Where: Running Rebels Central
What: Learn photography, videography along with anything you would need to succeed in the entertainment business such as song writing, rapping and stage presence.

Running Rebels Athletic Program

The first priority of the Running Rebels athletics program is to provide a positive learning experience for  youth by focusing on the skills and knowledge of the sport, as well as how teamwork, dedication, and discipline apply to their everyday lives.

The upper-level competitive club (AAU) component of the program includes elite traveling teams that compete nationally and internationally against the top amateur players and competitive programs in the country. This component of the program is geared towards competing at the highest level of amateur athletics. We work to expose our players to several universities and colleges who are interested in providing scholarship opportunities.

“Running Rebels Basketball has simply changed my life. Before I joined the Running Rebels Basketball team, I never left Milwaukee. Not even my own neighborhood. Running Rebels is the reason why I still play the game. The support system is great. They are completely behind you and pushing you.”  (Athletics Youth)


Our Summer Fundamentals Program is open to youth ages 8-17. Contact Donta Holmes for information or call 414-316-5222. Our School – Year Fundamentals Program consists of intramural leagues, and open gym. This program is open to youth who do not make AAU teams or a part of our recreation programs.


Running Rebels Violence Free Zone

The Violence Free Zone (VFZ) is a school-based mentoring program that provides Milwaukee Public School students with additional personal, academic, and career support. VFZ mentors work directly within seven MPS middle and high schools assisting students who need additional school support by helping them set and accomplish goals, strengthen preparedness for learning, and develop strategies to reduce and resolve conflicts responsibly. The goals are to support student success and create more peaceful and cohesive school cultures.

  • Alexander Hamilton High School
  • Lincoln Center of the Arts
  • North Division High School
  • Barack Obama School for Career and Technical Education
  • Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts
  • Vincent High School of Agricultural Sciences
  • Washington High School of Information Technology

“The VFZ staff are great mentors. Being a part of the VFZ family at Roosevelt has shown me I can do amazing things in life.”(Maurion, Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts)

Running Rebels Juvenile Justice Program

“I’m not sure if my son would have made it in the community without reoffending if it wasn’t for Running Rebels.” – (Mother of MCAP Participant)

Running Rebels’ Juvenile Justice Programs serve some of the hardest to reach and highest risk young people in Milwaukee. These are young people who have been adjudicated and court-ordered for intensive mentoring. Running Rebels provides these young people with 24/7 mentoring and access to other positive arts, athletic, and academic programs, with the goal of getting them through their probation period and onto a more positive life path. Our professional mentors ensure that young people are attending school and acting responsibly at home and in their communities.

We believe that all youth have strengths that can be developed through meaningful relationships, structure, and support. We are very proud of the hard work that our mentors do to support and redirect these very high-risk youth.

Juvenile Justice Programs:

  • Milwaukee County Accountability Program (MCAP)
  • Intensive Monitoring Program (IMP)
  • A True After-Care Program (ATAC)
  • Intensive Monitoring Program–Aftercare (IMP-Aftercare)

Questions about our Juvenile Justice Programs? Email

Running Rebels Higher Education Learning Program

Our Higher Education Learning Program (HELP) is focused on making college attainable for Milwaukee youth. Our main goal is to provide college-bound youth with the means to become independent adults who will, in turn, give back to their communities. HELP coaches youth through their transition into college by providing emotional and financial support throughout their entire college journey, including annual scholarships.

“The HELP scholarship helped me to pay for rent and keep food in the refrigerator, which allowed me to focus on graduating.” – (DeMarcus, HELP Scholarship Recipient”

Interested in learning about our HELP College Scholarship? Email for more information.

Running Rebels Pipeline2Promise: Workforce Development

Pipeline to Promise is a collaborative movement between community organizations, businesses, government agencies, and community leaders addressing the needs of Milwaukee’s young adults. The mission is to provide job training, employment opportunities, scholarships, life skills, and access to housing. The goal is to increase public safety and employment opportunities while assisting individuals to reach their full career potential. Individuals in our Pipeline to Promise workforce development program learn from different project centers such as: Culinary, AV/Entertainment, Sporting & Events, Odd Jobs, Retail, and Mentoring.For more information about joining as a business looking to hire individuals or as an individual looking for employment please contact:

Running Rebels Mentoring Program

Mentoring is a one-to-one service provided by mature adults to youth and adolescents needing support, role modeling, guidance, and nurturing. The mentor functions both as a positive role model and an advocate for youth in his/her family and community. In most cases, youth are matched with a mentor of the same gender and ethnic group. Our mentors are trained to work with diverse populations of youth and adolescents. We work with our mentors to establish strong communication with parents or other caregivers. Our mentors work with youth on social-emotional skills, as well as health and wellness. Mentors build relationships by taking mentees to sporting events, workshops, and academic enrichment opportunities. Mentoring creates a meaningful relationship while providing a trusted adult to assist a vulnerable youth with the transition to adulthood. For more information about our mentoring program or how to become a mentor, please contact Donta Holmes (414 316-5222 or email

  • Community Mentoring Program
  • One-on-One mentoring

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