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RRCO provides programming to youth ages 12-19

“The Rebels have shown me how to take the right path in life.” – Jason, Recreation Participant


Running Rebels After School & Summer


“The Running Rebels have been helping me love myself.” (Dorian, Recreation Participant)

Be The Change
When: Tuesdays 4:30 – 5:45 PM
Where: Running Rebels Central
What: African American male leadership program. Connect with male mentors and peers while participating in group discussions and field trips.

Creative Writing
When: Wednesdays 4:30 – 5:45 PM
Where: Running Rebels Central
What: Learn how to write short stories, poems, and skits!

Lady Rebels
When: Wednesdays 4:30 – 5:45 PM
Where: Running Rebels Central
What: A leadership program for young ladies. Connect with positive female role-models while goal setting and learning life skills.

Audio/Visual Entertainment
When: Wednesdays 4:00 – 5:45 PM
Where: Running Rebels Central
What: Learn photography, videography along with anything you would need to succeed in the entertainment business such as song writing, rapping and stage presence.

Visual Arts
When: Thursdays 4:30 – 5:45 PM
Where: Running Rebels Central
What: Practice drawing, painting, Collage.

Running Rebels Athletic Program

“My experience with Running Rebels basketball taught me how to be a better person by helping the community and working with others.” – Cameron, Rebel Athlete

Running Rebels athletics programs are a platform for developing athletic excellence, building character, and offering a source of stability in the lives of young athletes. Staff teach youth discipline, teamwork, and dedication on and off the court.

Basketball fundamentals, athletic training, and open gym are free for young people in our programs. Youth and adults not currently in Rebel programs can contact for pricing. We also rent our gym to organizations looking to host athletic events.


Running Rebels Violence Free Zone

The Violence Free Zone (VFZ) is a school-based mentoring program that provides Milwaukee Public School students with additional personal, academic, and career support. VFZ mentors work directly within seven MPS middle and high schools assisting students who need additional school support by helping them set and accomplish goals, strengthen preparedness for learning, and develop strategies to reduce and resolve conflicts responsibly. The goals are to support student success and create more peaceful and cohesive school cultures.

  • Alexander Hamilton High School
  • Lincoln Center of the Arts
  • North Division High School
  • Barack Obama School for Career and Technical Education
  • Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts
  • Vincent High School of Agricultural Sciences
  • Washington High School of Information Technology

“The VFZ staff are great mentors. Being a part of the VFZ family at Roosevelt has shown me I can do amazing things in life.”(Maurion, Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts)

Running Rebels Juvenile Justice Program

“I’m not sure if my son would have made it in the community without reoffending if it wasn’t for Running Rebels.” – (Mother of MCAP Participant)

Running Rebels’ Juvenile Justice Programs serve some of the hardest to reach and highest risk young people in Milwaukee. These are young people who have been adjudicated and court-ordered for intensive mentoring. Running Rebels provides these young people with 24/7 mentoring and access to other positive arts, athletic, and academic programs, with the goal of getting them through their probation period and onto a more positive life path. Our professional mentors ensure that young people are attending school and acting responsibly at home and in their communities.

We believe that all youth have strengths that can be developed through meaningful relationships, structure, and support. We are very proud of the hard work that our mentors do to support and redirect these very high-risk youth.

Juvenile Justice Programs:

  • Milwaukee County Accountability Program (MCAP)
  • Intensive Monitoring Program (IMP)
  • A True After-Care Program (ATAC)
  • Intensive Monitoring Program–Aftercare (IMP-Aftercare)

Questions about our Juvenile Justice Programs? Email


Higher Education Learning Program


Our Higher Education Learning Program (HELP) is focused on making college attainable for Milwaukee youth. Our main goal is to provide college-bound youth with the means to become independent adults who will, in turn, give back to their communities. HELP coaches youth through their transition into college by providing emotional and financial support throughout their entire college journey, including annual scholarships.

“The HELP scholarship helped me to pay for rent and keep food in the refrigerator, which allowed me to focus on graduating.” – (DeMarcus, HELP Scholarship Recipient” Interested in learning about our HELP College Scholarship? Email for more information.

Pipeline2Promise: Workforce Development

Running Rebels works to establish partnerships for our Pipeline2Promise program with businesses in our neighborhoods and beyond. The businesses commit to hiring our young people and Running Rebels provides soft skills trainings, and support to remove barriers to employment. Companies interested in partnering with Running Rebels should contact

Running Rebels Mentoring Program

Community Mentoring Program
Community Mentoring is a voluntary program that connects youth with a mentor who provides ongoing guidance, help youth set and pursue goals, and assist youth in connecting to out-of-school opportunities offered by Running Rebels in leadership, athletics, recreation and the arts.

Youth eligible for the Community Mentoring Program must be:

• Between the ages of 12-17
• Be willing to work with a mentor to set and accomplish goals
• Have no Juvenile Justice involvement
• Have their own transportation to Running Rebels out-of-school time programming.

Questions about our Community Mentoring Program? Contact ​Please note space is limited in the Community Mentoring Program.

Crisis Stabilization/ Mentoring

Crisis Stabilization and Mentoring are one-on-one support programs for youth referred through Wraparound Milwaukee or Milwaukee County. Crisis Stabilizers and Mentors build relationships with youth by engaging with them in the out-of-school time and working on social-emotional skills.

For questions regarding our Crisis Stabilization/Mentoring program please contact

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